1. Paul Wall Talks Olympic Gold Grills.

    Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/GettyImages

    ESPN caught up with Paul Wall to get the scoop on American swimmer Ryan Lochte’s grills, which were made by the Houston rapper and his partner in platinum dentistry, TV Johnny. The athlete wore the stuntin’ teeth shield after receiving a Gold medal for winning the 400 meter on Monday at the Olympics in London.

    Apparently, this was the fourth set of grills Lochte has worn after swimming competitions, the first pair going back to 2007. The price for the latest set? “Well, the cost can go up to about $25,000 for that kind,” Paul tells ESPN. “We didn’t charge him that. We gave him an Olympic discount. We have got to take care of him.” The plan is to also take care of future triumphant Team USA gold medalists.

    ESPN: I understand that you’re going to give a free gold grill to any Olympic winner?

    PAUL WALL: “We’ve been so pumped up by this. With all the hype of this grill, we want to get our patriotic on. We want to share the offer to any Olympian. We want to give them that gold grill.”

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