1. Paul Nice — Deadly Venoms Vol.1 (Shaw Brothers Movies Tribute Mix) (AUDIO).

    (Art: Lance Pilgrim)

    On guard! Enter the many chambers of old school kung-fu flicks with your audio tour guide Paul Nice.

    Paul Nice — Deadly Venoms (Shaw Brothers Tribute Mix) Track List:

    Part 1:
    1. “Suppression” (Main titles for “Masked Avengers” & “2 Champions of Shaolin”)
    2. “Guerrilla” (as heard in “Masked Avengers,” “10 Tigers of Kwangtung,” etc.)
    3. “10 Killers of the Underworld” (from “Flag of Iron”)
    4. “Bitter Lemons” (Main titles for “Flag of Iron”)
    5. “Rock, Paper, Scissors” (from “Daredevils”)
    6. “Hot Spot” (Main titles for “Daredevils”)
    7. “Gun Runner” (as heard in the international trailer for “Crippled Avengers”)
    8. “They really are iron!” (from “Crippled Avengers”)
    9. “New City Sound” (Main titles for “Shaolin Rescuers”)
    10. “Golden Wheel” (from “Magnificent Ruffians”)
    11. “Through The Forrest” (Main titles for “Magnificent Ruffians”)
    12. “Running Hot” (as heard in “Magnificent Ruffians”)
    13. “Rumpus” (as heard in “Magnificent Ruffians”)

    Part 2:
    14. “Complaint” (Main titles for “Five Venoms”)
    15. “Climax” (as heard in “Five Venoms”)
    16. “Invasione” (Main title for “Kid With The Golden Arm”)
    17. “Hallucinations” (as heard in “Kid With The Golden Arm”)
    18. “Jackboot” (Main title for “House of Traps”)
    19. “Invincible Shaolin” (International trailer)
    20. “Full Brass Call” (Main title for “Invincible Shaolin”)
    21. “I like eggs” (as heard in “Invincible Shaolin”)
    22. “Corn Exchange” (as hard in “Invincible Shaolin”)
    23. “Two Minutes Precisely” (as heard in “10 Tigers of Kwangtung”)
    24. “Mystery Place No.1” ((as heard in “10 Tigers of Kwangtung”, etc.)
    25. “Horror House” (Main titles for “Rebel Intruders”)
    26. “Printout” (Main titles for “Sword Stained With Royal Blood”)

    (Buy this mix here . Paul Nice recommends you visit Shaolin Chamber 36 )

    [Via pipomixes ]

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