1. Paten Locke –
    The Spliffsonian Vol. 1 (AUDIO).

    New beatstrumentals from Paten Locke . Spur of the moment after hours vibe with the expected dose of buggedness (as befits anything featuring a lead art image of synth legend Bruce Haack building with Fred “They Call Me Mr.” Rogers BITD). Won’t you be P’s neighbor and support his fine trackwork? Do it, here .

    Paten Locke:

    all beats that i made in the am hours of 9-16-15 and 9-17-15….normal routine….these arent mixed or mastered , straight raw out the machine…just decided to put em into the world for a change in the spirit of spontaneity, sharing, and doing things i should do more often…movement…enjoy… p

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