1. Watch Party Supplies Make a Beat Out of Three Randomly Chosen Records (VIDEO).


    "Rhythm Roulette" is a new web series from our friends at Mass Appeal . The concept: get a producer - in this case, the multi-talented Justin of Party Supplies - blindly pick three records out of a record store and see what kind of goodness he can cook up by feeding what he found into the sampler. Based on Justin's work with Action Bronson and Danny Brown we're pretty sure those records are in good hands.

    [Via Mass Appeal ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • neutral hater

      the beats at the beginnin of the vid/on the intro are better.

    • bradzuk

      wow! you're right! i didn't realize that!! I had to listen again since you told me. and Its so surprising that his single best beat and a chopped up arcade fire song are more enjoyable than a beat he made out of 3 randomly chosen records!

    • bradzuk

      and actually now that i listen a third time, you're wrong. that beat is better than a chopped up arcade fire song.