1. Participants in Winter/Spring Maysles Institute Teen Documentary Program Make Television Debut (PREMIERS TONIGHT!)

    ***Select documentaries from the Maysles Institute Teen Program set to air on NYC LIFE in celebration of Harlem Week***

    “The Maysles Institute Presents: The Teen Producers Academy”
    *featuring an introduction by Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens, Salesman)

    Student films to be shown are as follows:

    Produced by Brittney Lopez
    A moving film that delves into the artistic lives of two high school performance artists and the teacher that helps them sustain their passion. Through their participation in the Harlem Children’s Zone’s after school program we encounter a fourteen year-old African-American dancer and her fifteen year-old counterpart, an aspiring singer learning English as a second language.  7 minutes
    Produced by Alejandro Rosario
    Have you ever cringed at the sight of a teenager with saggy pants? Well, what do saggers have to say about it? This unapologetic film frames a genuine fashion subculture using insider interviews with teen and adult saggers as well as teachers, parents, the fashion industry and the New York City community at large.  9 minutes

    Produced by Roxanne Mauras and L’Eunice Faust

    An exploration of the daily challenges of an openly gay, sixteen year-old Jewish teen as he navigates through school and personal relationships. Producers Mauras and Faust, both fifteen years old and first-time filmmakers, deliver a riveting character study as they shadow this young man throughout his home and school life.  9 minutes

    Air Dates & Times: 

    – Friday, August 5, 9:30pm
    – Saturday, August 6, 3pm
    – Monday, August 8, 10:30pm
    – Wednesday, August 10, 10:30pm
    – Friday, August 12, 8:30pm
    – Sunday, August 14, 10pm

    NYC life is available in the New York tri-state area on broadcast, cable and satellite channels. Visit  nyc.gov/media  for local cable and satellite listings.


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