1. Listen to Ras Kass’
    Pre-Soul On Ice Demos (AUDIO).


    These Ras Kass demos have been floating around for years, but for those who’ve never heard them here they are… and they are also available on wax.

    Limited Edition RAST Vinyl Via Dope Folks Records, Nah Right & Mr. Bawno Records.


    Yup, ego trip head honcho in charge Ted Bawno is teaming up with the good people over at Dope Folks Records and Nah Right/ NMC Music Group to release a super rare vinyl version of RAST RFC‘s ultra-bangin’ street-certified mixtape Across West 3rd Street.

  3. RAST — “No Justice, No Peace” (AUDIO).


    “Every man, every woman, every race that was faced with police brutality and hit with a case/ It’s time to unite and fight, push a gun like when 2Pac shot two cops and ain’t even run/ I wanna be a man of peace like John Lennon, but I’m askin’/ Is it worth it when you got men like Mark David Chapman/ That’ll send your body to Haile Selassie with a shotty/ And keep the shit secret like the codes of Illuminati/ So I’m a sniff some cocaine til it burn like propane and cry away the pain listenin’ to John Coltrane/ I can take an Amtrak train down to Ferguson and pull a Colin Ferguson and start sprayin’… “

  4. Das EFX — “Real Hip Hop” (DJ Scratch Unusual Remix) (AUDIO).


    Previously unreleased 1995 track sure to make the ladies throw their panties on stage.

  5. Souls Of Mischief — “Ghetto Superhero” (MUSIC VIDEO).


    From There Is Only Now (August 26). Produced by Adrian Younge.

  6. Supa Dave West —
    Beat Boxing


    With co-signs from De La, Common, Ghostface, and other notable and respected artists, Supa Dave West is a gifted producer no doubt. For further proof, here is his impressive instrumental LP, Beat Boxing, which is out now.

  7. Action Bronson —
    “Easy Rider”


    Bronson is a potent mix of John Rambo and Dennis Hopper on hallucinogens trapped in a Tarantino flick in the outlaw clip for “Easy Rider.”




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