1. Batida — “Pobre E Rico” (AUDIO).


    From the album Dois (September 29).

  2. Dag Savage ft. Choosey — “Darlin’” (MUSIC VIDEO).


    For anybody that’s ever regretted cheating. …MORE

  3. Homeboy Sandman — “America, The Beautiful” (AUDIO).


    “…We are the 99% locally, we are the 1% globally…”

  4. Egon – Rock Mix (AUDIO).

    Egon–Rock Mix

    Rappcats sez: This is a mix of late 60s to mid 70s rock music from all over the world: America to Germany to Japan and everywhere in-between. It’s the type of rock Madlib used for the Rock Konducta records, and is a mixture of the incredibly rare and random dollar bin finds that makes crate digging in the rock idiom so much fun. A lot of this is underground – one example was literally recorded by Dusseldorf twenty-somethings in a bomb-shelter, a literally exorcising of Nazi demons through Krautrock – and some of it is from bands that had pop aspirations but recorded something heavy and probably a bit odd as the one-off awesome track on an otherwise forgettable album. Live mix using 2 CDJs, no edits, some mistakes, that’s the way it goes. Shout outs to Twink, Bunker Records, Franz Wippel, any band that spells April with a “y” instead of an “i,” state-run labels from former communist countries who had the nerve to get down with hard psych and Madlib, of course, for finding the funk in all of this.


  5. Ice Cube ft. Redfoo &
    2 Chainz — “Drop Girl” (MUSIC VIDEO).


    The Are We There Yet? franchise looks pretty good right now, compared to this.

    The Night James Brown Saved Boston FREE Film Screening (7.23.14, NYC).


    This Wednesday evening, July 23rd, in Harlem our friends at the Maysles Cinema present a FREE screening of the documentary film The Night James Brown Saved Boston. …MORE

  7. Falk Schacht — Jeep Beats: Music is Instrumental Vol.1 (AUDIO).


    Billed as “modern day instrumental beats for your jeeps,” Falk Schacht‘s Jeep Beats tape does have that bump in the trunk effect, but also manages to have an eerie, almost haunting vibe at times as well. There’s all kinds of beats here that you might not necessarily consider block-rockin’ beats specifically for your car, but the results are surprising. (Good to hear the Ill Al Skratch “Where My Homiez” beat again, and the hypnotic Phantasm jack for Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew‘s “Play This Only At Night.”)



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