1. Days Before It Happened) (AUDIO)." rel="bookmark">Oxygen & Edan - "Idealism" (from Days Before It Happened) (AUDIO).


    Days Before It Happened is the practice session (stops, restarts, chatter and all) for a December 2012 in-store at NYC's Academy Records by Strong Island's Oxygen and rapper/deejay pal Edan . It's basically an unmastered homemade CD-R sold hand-to-hand on some vintage live tape ish - from which "Idealism" is culled. With Ox dropping rhymes in his effortless, plain-spoken flow and Edan going back and forth with two copies of Rene Costy's "Scrabble" (i.e the "Fuck the Police" beat) it's pretty damn hip-hop. Not in that "this is hip-hop - hey, look how hip-hop we are"-way, but in that two friends having a good time working on routines way - a feeling that pervades the whole session, if you should be so fortunate as to grab a copy. Considering that Days doesn't exactly have widespread distribution it's pretty impressive that Ox and Edan are taking their show on the road to Europe next month. Practice makes perfect, wethinks. Listen below.

    Get it, HERE .

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