1. #Otis, RIP.

    #Otis. Too fast. Too young.

    One week ago in Internet history, The Throne's "Otis" was the inescapable talk of rap cyberspace. If you weren't discussing #Otis on The Twitter, defending his merits to peons with opinions in a spirited-bordering-on-unusually-intense fashion, or intently dismissing his suffocating hype with a blahzay-blah veneer, you were nobody. You weren't part of #Otis-mania. Now, a week later #Otis can't get arrested for public pissing, much less indecent overexposure. #Otis is the subject of a missing persons report, a faded memory relegated to a beat behind some so-so Johnny-come-lately "freestyles." #Otis is #Over.

    You happy, Internet? All #Otis did was give you something to talk about. And you used #Otis and spit him out. Maybe we didn't love #Otis. But we liked #Otis. And even we understand that #Otis didn't deserve this.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://www.crushentertainment.com djindianajones

      Why Internweb, WHY!!!???!!!?!?!?!?!??

    • Tyrone Fuller

      fuck Jay Z. Fuck Kanye. I want to fuck Keri Hilson.