1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, R.I.P. Muhammad Ali Edition.

    [Image: Time ]

    ‘I Just Wanted to Be Free’: The Radical Reverberations of Muhammad Ali.
    “What Muhammad Ali did — in a culture that worships sports and violence as well as a culture that idolizes black athletes while criminalizing black skin — was redefine what it meant to be tough and collectivize the very idea of courage.” By Dave Zirin
    [ The Nation ]

    Muhammad Ali Dies at 74: Titan of Boxing and the 20th Century.
    “An agile mind, a buoyant personality, a brash self-confidence and an evolving set of personal convictions fostered a magnetism that the ring alone could not contain.” By Robert Lipsyte
    [ New York Times ]

    Muhammad Ali dies at 74; boxing great shook up the world in and out of the ring.
    “Grandson of a slave, he was feted by presidents and kings. He defeated the Justice Department in the Supreme Court, worked as a humanitarian and an ambassador…” By Thomas Curwen & J. Michael Kennedy
    [ Los Angeles Times ]

    Why Muhammad Ali Matters To Everyone.
    He forced the world to stand up. By Sean Gregory
    [ Time ]

    Muhammad Ali: Political activist, global humanitarian.
    Photos tell the story of an important life outside the square circle. By Diana D’Abruzzo
    [ Politico ]

    Statement From President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama on the Passing of Muhammad Ali.
    “I am America,” he once declared. “I am the part you won’t recognize. But get used to me – black, confident, cocky; my name, not yours; my religion, not yours; my goals, my own. Get used to me.”
    [ The White House ]

    Rakim: Muhammad Ali Was ‘The Ultimate Hero.’
    “His swag and dominance weren’t a playbook,” rapper says. “They were his conviction on sport, life, spirituality, politics and culture” By Jason Newman
    [ Rolling Stone ]

    Chuck D Honors Ali: “He Grabbed the Mic and He Rhymed.”
    Interview by Dave Zirin
    [ Edge of Sports ]

    Muhammad Ali: How He Shook Up The World & Became The Greatest Of All Time.
    “In a world where many people shamelessly choose commerce over conscious with alacrity, Ali remained fundamentally rooted in his beliefs.” By Willie D
    [ African-American News & Issues ]

    Will Smith recalls playing Muhammad Ali in 2015 video.
    “I got to study and feel and embody the soul of the man, from the foundations of Islam and the strength of his Muslim faith in his life, to the beautiful wake that he always leaves in his magnificent path.” By Gerrad Hall
    [ Entertainment Weekly ]

    Watch Muhammad Ali gleefully prank a bunch of kids.
    Classy moves. By Chloe Bryan
    [ Mashable ]

    Watch Muhammad Ali’s Perfect Response To ‘Not All White People Are Racist’ — In 1971.
    Clip from a 1971 interview on the British chat show Parkinson … the boxing icon perfectly explains why the existence of some “good” white people isn’t always enough. By Zeba Blay
    [ Huffington Post ]

    This Day in History: Muhammad Ali saves suicidal man.
    A man was ready to jump off a Los Angeles building on January 19, 1981. It wasn’t the police who rescued him, it was a championship boxer.
    [ CBS ]

    Ali: The Mission .
    ESPN 30 For 30 documentary made by Amani Martin and narrated by John Legend recounts the story of Ali’s 1990 trip to Iraq before the Gulf War, during which he negotiated with Saddam Hussein for the release of American citizens taken hostage after the invasion of Kuwait.
    [ FiveThirtyEight ]

    Even Prince Was Overcome With Emotion When He Met Muhammad Ali.
    Two greats meet at 1997 charity event. By: Ross Bentley
    [ UPROXX ]

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