1. (O)ther (P)eoples (P)osts 9.7.12


    Photograph by Cass Bird

    The House That Hova Built.
    As the opening of the controversial Barclays Center in Brooklyn looms, Jiggaman talks with acclaimed novelist Zadie Smith (over a fish sammich) about Obama, the "shock rap" of Odd Future, and how "the election of Obama has made the hustler less relevant.”
    [ T Magazine ]

    The 100 Best Albums of the 1990s: Nas - Illmatic by El-P.
    From El's Memory Lane: “I remember my friend Tom came through with the tape (yes, tape) and $25 worth of weed. I don’t know how he got it. It wasn’t out yet and The Internet basically didn’t exist. We listened to that shit for about four straight hours. Silently. Flip the tape again. And again. Again. Holy shit either I’m way too high or this motherfucker might the best rapper alive."
    [ Fact ]

    Fat Beats Forever: Mass Appeal Salutes a Hip-Hop Institution.
    Matt Lubansky takes a look at the landmark store/distribution company/record label/recording studio/clothing line two years after closing it doors, plus MA digs up a 2004 article about Fat Beats by Owen Strock that details the stores' bestselling records in its first 10 years of existence.
    [ Mass Appeal ]

    Is Brooklyn Better? Has Manhattan Gotten Worse? Revisiting NY Mag's "I Hate Brooklyn" Article Seven Years Later.
    Former Vibe founding Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Van Meter faces his own personal demons about generational change and comes to the conclusion that it's not so much that he loves Brooklyn now, but that Manhattan has gotten "suckier." No arguements over here.
    [ The Awl ]

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