1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 9.5.14


    1. Track By Track: Diamond D Breaks Down The Diam Piece Album.
    "I use a lot more live instrumentation now. I still chop and manipulate samples, but my sound just sounds bigger now.” By Robbie Ettelson.
    [ Unkut ]

    2. A Rational Conversation: Nostalgia, DJ Shadow & Afrika Bambaataa.
    Another interview with DJ Shadow. By Eric Ducker.
    [ NPR ]

    3. An Interview with Benjy Melendez of The Ghetto Brothers.
    Talks GB band and club and streets jams. By DJay Chief.
    [ bboysounds ]

    4. An Insane Amount Of Biggie Rumors!
    Believe what you will. By The Ill Community.
    [ AllHipHop ]

    5. The Rap Research Lab: Student Research.
    Based on curriculum that visualizes hip-hop as a cultural indicator: “Rap Lyrics vs. Crime Rates” and "An Analysis of the F-Word In Rap: Understanding N.W.A.” are just a few of the works.
    [ RRL ]

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