1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 9.26.12


    1. "They Played Brooklyn": Bed-Stuy's Umar Jordan, whose dramatic testimony boosted Atlantic Yards in August 2006, now says he's disgusted.
    Lost among the blood, sweat, tears, and brouhaha surrounding the controversial Atlantic Yards development (home of the Brooklyn Nets) are the promise of jobs to people, like say, the residents of figurehead Jay-Z's old Marcy Projects. Hate to say it, but we saw this comin'. Shame on a Jigga!
    [ Atlantic Yards Report ]

    2. Buhloone Mindstate: Counting Down the 19 Best De La Soul Skits.
    Another UpNorthTrips production.
    [ Get On Down ]

    3. 4 Ways Hip-Hop Saved Strip Clubs.
    Writes W.B.C.: "Making it rain money is probably the stupidest thing you can do with your money. But like most stupid things, it looks very cool. It's no different than smoking cigarettes, or playing chicken, or sky diving, or getting married, or any of the other dumb stuff people do that looks cool, but is very, very stupid. Like it or not, it's one of those urban/Hip-Hop things that has leaked into pop culture." (NOTE: NSFW photos and videos. Parental discretion is advised.)
    [ WBC Magazine ]

    4. Raekwon, "The Scroll" (In Which Raekwon Compares Himself To Nicole Kidman).
    Deciphering a Chef quotable can be a tricky thing. (Warning: Movie spoilers galore here.) By Dave Bry.
    [ The Awl ]

    5. Women Caught Smuggling Drugs In Hair Weaves.
    Yes. You read right. It really is (are you ready?) unbe-weave-able , but apparently a kilo of cocaine weaves nicely, albeit uncomfortably, into a hair weave. Remember that scene in Coffy , when Pam Grier busts a razor out of her afro? See the connection? Yep. Ummm hmmm.
    [ The Smoking Gun]

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