1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 9.24.14


    (Art: Denys Cowan & Bill Sienkiewicz)

    1. Walker Promises A "More Badass" Shaft in The Character's Comics Debut.
    BadAzz MoFo’s David Walker takes on the legend of the Black detective. By Albert Ching.
    [ Comic Book Resources ]

    2. The Lost Art Of Cratedigging.
    “I think a lot of the younger kids that are learning to make beats may not have the same love for samples that somebody from my generation or older has,” says J57, producer of Homeboy Sandman and other indie acts. “They’re probably ripping stuff off YouTube 99 percent of the time, so they kind of aren’t connected to the record. It’s not even a real thing; it’s not physical.” Diamond D & DJ Premier are also featured in this piece. By Kathy Iandoli.
    [ Medium ]

    3. Mr. Fresh Goes To Washington.
    Trouble Funk ft. New York Incorporated (Mannie Fresh, Mia X, Denny D and DJ Wop) Live at The Maison, New Orleans (August 16) reviewed by Noz.
    [ Cocaine Blunts ]

    4. Teaching History Through Music.
    9th Wonder invited Big Daddy Kane to the class he teaches at N.C. Central University. By Laura Oleniacz.
    [ The Herald Sun ]

    5. Why Is Rapsody Still "Hard to Choose”?
    MC speaks about her battle with Graves’ Disease and the female rapper stereotype. “When you think about the female artist today, you’re supposed to be sexy. You’re not supposed to rap about messages or current events. It’s always supposed to be about your body or what you can do sexually for a man. It’s really disheartening for that idea to be put out, especially when you have young girls that look up to that." By Glennisha Morgan.
    [ Ebony ]

    6. Interview With The Legendary Boots Riley from The Coup.
    “The com­munity is outraged. The com­munity wants to fig­ure out how to change the way these things are and I think it’s up to rad­ic­als [to] work around these issues in the work­place, and we can strike at times we need to. It could hap­pen now, but it takes rad­ic­als organizing.” By Micky Roots.
    [ I Am Hip-Hop Magazine ]

    7. Celebrate The 88th Birthday Of John Coltrane with Some Of The Coldest Trane Samples.
    From GFK to The Pharcyde.
    [ okayplayer ]

    8. The Last Platoon: The Lost Rakim ’95.
    “The perfect bridge between Don't Sweat The Technique and The 18th Letter .
    [ The Lost Tapes ]

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