1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 9.2.16


    (Art: Loren Purcell)

    UPDATE 9.3.16:

    Jerry Heller, Early N.W.A Manager, Dies at 75.
    Heller reportedly died after suffering a medical emergency while driving that resulted in him sustaining serious injuries after crashing his minivan in California. By Ben Westhoff
    [ Billboard / Rolling Stone Article by Daniel Kreps ]

    United States of Bass: Atlanta.
    MC Shy D, Mr. Collipark, DJ Toomp and DJ Jelly explain the origins of Atlanta’s bass scene. By Star Eyes
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    Ka and the Hidden Lineage of Brownsville Hip-Hop.
    “I’m treasuring something in the art of hip-hop that isn’t really treasured anymore,” the rapper says. “I’m hurting my career, by treasuring lyrics in an art form when no one really cares now. But I care. I kill myself for that.” By Brian Josephs
    [ Spin ]

    Beanie Sigel Is Proof Time Heals All Wounds.
    “...When I came home, with the climate of the music, I thought I would be done with music, to be totally honest with you.” By Emmanuel C.M.
    [ XXL ]

    Cypress Hill: The hip hop trio talk about their 1991 debut album and everything that led up to it.
    B-Real: “All of the writing in relation to Cypress was based off of experiences, whether direct and living through them or the other guys, or stuff that we seen through other guys in the trenches, when I was living that gangster lifestyle... Serious as it was, we always tried to put a dark comical spin on it so it didn’t feel like we were shoving it down throats or being preachy.” (Excerpt taken from the liner notes to the Cypress Hill “25th Anniversary Skull” deluxe CD package on Get On Down .) By Chris Faraone.
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    Hip-Hop’s First Olympian, According to Homeboy Sandman.
    Rapper recalls having to rock cheap sneakers growing up. By Homeboy Sandman
    [ Bandcamp ]

    Lyor Cohen Predicted the Rise of Young Thug. Here’s What He Thinks Is Coming Next.
    "If you don’t have any ideas, that means you’re not willing to put yourself at risk. It takes a thousand dumb ideas to come up with one great one.” By Mike Sheffield
    [ Complex ]

    Grace Jones and the Compass Point All-Stars.
    After a string of disco records, the iconic artist went to an island and finally found her true sound. By Nicole Pasulka
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    How Wilfred Limonious Became Jamaica’s Most Prolific Illustrator.
    A new book celebrates Limonious’ seminal album covers. By Jason Parham
    [ FADER ]

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