1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts 9.15.11

    1. Kanye West Will Present His S/S 12 Collection at Paris Fashion Week.
    More surprisingly, it's a womenswear line. (Or maybe, it's not surprising.) Anyways, yeah. Dude is going for it like you knew he would. In other news, ego trip would like to announce that we will from now on refer to Yeezy as "The Fabulous Mr. West." Two snaps! You go girl!
    [ Harpers Bazaar ]

    2. The Last Ford Crown Victoria ever Built.
    NYC has been phasing out the grubby, smelly musty, uncomfortable Crown Vicsta from it's taxicab fleets over the last few years, and while they were considerably less iconic than the classic old-school checkered cabs were, their grubby, smelly, musty uncomfortable charm is a bit missed. Peace Crown Vicstah. Muahh!
    [ Jalopnik ]

    3. Keith Haring Retrospective Coming to Brooklyn Museum Next Year.
    First they chicken out and cancel bringing MoCA LA's "Art in the Streets" exhibition as originally planned. So instead, Brooklyn's "edgy" institution goes for more...shall we say, acceptable street expression. Never mind that Haring was also included in "Art in the Streets." Not mad at Haring, though. Just sayin'. That's some politics and bullshit right there.
    [ Village Voice ]

    4. Rapper T.I. Returns to Halfway House.
    The rubberband man bounces back! Sorry. Couldn't resist.
    [ The Root ]

    5. Jay Shells Promotes His New Signs on Fox News, Then Punks Them.
    Oh wonderful street artists. Yes, your medium may be overexposed, but when your heart is in the right place, dammit. God bless ya.
    [ Animal ]

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