1. (O)ther (P)eoples (P)osts 9.14.12


    (L) Photo by Phil Bedel, 1987. (R) Photo by Bobby Chakrabarti, 2012.

    1. L.A. ON LP: The Search for Locations on Classic Album Covers.
    Exactly where in Los Angeles was the cover to N.W.A's first single/LP pre- Straight Outta Compton shot? (Hint: not Compton.) How about Charles Wright's second solo LP or a couple of vintage jazz sides? Oliver Wang plays private-I, and goes diggin' round the City of Angels to track down some very specific spaces and places.
    [ KCET ]

    2. Ghostface Releasing Twelve Reasons to Die on 11/20, Drops Killer Verse That You Can't Hear.
    New GFK LP on the way. Oh, and Eskay unleashes on the music industry's backward thinking when it comes to leaks and streams: "Why even attempt to participate in internet culture if you’re going to handcuff yourselves with a draconian corporate copyright policy? [ Cruel Summer ] should’ve been available as a full stream a week ago then nobody would have to bother to download the illegal rip and we’d all be able to make an informed decision come release day. Of course when I say 'nobody,' I mean people who actually buy albums, because those people who don’t buy albums weren’t going to buy this shit anyway and you can’t change that."
    [ Nah Right ]

    3. 50 Cent Confirms Pacquiao Venture, Talks Mayweather.
    It Was All Good Just a Week Ago Or When Boxing Turns Into Professional Wrestling: Are Fiddy and Money May really not best buds and business partners anymore or is this really an elaborate plot of Shakespearean proportions to dupe the Pac Man, Floyd's arch rival? By Rick Reeno
    [ BoxingScene ]

    4. Calculating a Conspiracy: “9/13.”
    Biggie's Ready to Die was released on 9.13. Tupac was killed on 9.13. Fascinated "by the idea that two of our greatest rappers-turned-martyrs shared a date so personal," Up North Trips turns to numerology, astrology, the Bible, the tarot card deck, and the Illuminati for the conspiratorial meaning behind the numbers.
    [ UpNorthTrips ]

    5. R.I.P. Z.I.P.
    Chuck Philips - former LA Times journalist renowned for his investigative work on the Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls murders - remembers Eric "Von Zip" Martin - Harlem underworld figure and one-time associate to one Sean Combs.
    [ Chuck Philips ]

    6. Streaming Could Be Worse For Environment Than CDs.
    According to a new report, the energy required to maintain streaming and high rate at which folks download is making disc manufacturing actually look greener by comparison. For the sake of our planet, we won't be offended if you turn off your computer right now. By Art Levy.
    [ Prefix ]

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