1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 9.13.13


    1. Lost One: Mister Cee and Hip-Hop Radio's Trick.
    Hua Hsu on Mister Cee's (not quite final) farewell from Hot 97: "This, then, was why I felt sad. The need to keep a brave face and say I'm good when shit is all bad. The self-deception and self-blame, and the pressures that produced those responses in the first place. The confessional feel of it all — his mistakes, his transgressions, the sacrifice for the good of the brand. Whether it was the demands of "corporate America" or his own sense of duty, this was Cee assuming total responsibility for a problem that's not his. It's ours."
    [ Grantland ]

    2. Homophobia and Hip-Hop: A Confession Breaks a Barrier.
    John Caramanica on Thursday's Mister Cee - Ebro Darden interview: "A radio station is, generally speaking, neutral territory — songs are played, personalities are a bit bland. But Mr. Darden’s behavior reframed Hot 97 as an ideological institution, not just a musical one. He gave Mister Cee a safe space in which to be all the parts of himself."
    [ New York Times ]

    3. The Golden G's: On Nas and Aging in Hip-Hop.
    How QB's street disciple has been able to stay relevant 20 years later. By Michael A. Gonzales.
    [ Complex ]

    4. Federal Drug Case Ensnares The Home Of Hyphy.
    The connections between drug busts in Vallejo and Mac Dre's Thizz Entertainment are apparently not what they seem. By Reyhan Harmanci and Shoshana Walter.
    [ NPR ]

    5. Don’t Snip My Brakes in Long Beach.
    Dave Tompkins tackles writer's block by reminiscing about O.J. Simpson.
    [ Paris Review ]

    6. Dust & Grooves Road Trip: Chicago.
    The Dust & Grooves crew is on a road trip photographing and interviewing vinyl collectors from coast to coast. Their latest stop: Chi City, where they link with Numero Group's Rob Sevier, Dante Carfagna, and vegetables from Syl Johnson's garden. By Eilon Paz.
    [ Dust & Grooves ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      It's obvious now that when the media reports " HipHop Community " anything...what they really mean is " Black Man "! And does the Black Man need to evolve out of his Hypocrisies...YEP! But so the fuck does everyone else! was this non-event/non-issue; really about the HipHop Community or was it about 1 man's inability to just plain and simply ' keep it real ' with himself and the false reality HE BUILT in HIS LIFE?!
      This was a week long conversation between the media/industry; NOT the HipHop Community and as far as I can see anyone that matters (friends, personalities, artists, co-workers) all are in support of Mr. Cee...CHECK 1
      We can go further (Mykki Blanco, Le1f, Big Freedia etc..) but easiest example obviously being Frank Ocean; he kept it real and then kept it moving...he's 100 miles and running now...CHECK 2
      What I'm reading from intelligent heads is that the issue was the lying; not the sexuality; Mr. Cee needs to be ashamed of the lying and the comical way in which the TRUTH keeps kicking down his door..that shit is fucking hilarious...that's what the HipHop Community thinks that's it and that's all; but the conversation isn't about US/or with US....CHECK 3

      All said and done; you are attracted to transsexuals/you see beauty..COOL so what!? In CONSENTING ADULTHOOD all is done and it's all good (fuck what the hypocrites will say).....BUT if you ALSO want the freedom to be Machismo and Alpha Male and demean those ' faggots and batty boys ' etc....GO FUCK YA SELF HOMIE!

    • curt mcgirt

      Good points made. Honestly I'm over these Mr Cee shenanigans because I can't pretend to be surprised. Seriously, how many times has he gotten caught RED HANDED in the act? Besides the obligatory luz, dude needs some help. His sexuality is his business but he's a married man with kids and needs to show some accountability. All the denials after the fact really don't make the situation any better because I understand how homophobic hiphop is but cmon son!