1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 9.12.14

    (Art: Sean Clauretie/FNAOK)

    Tupac’s Record-Breaking Move.
    DJ Warren Peace, former member of the Death Row Records street team, remembers the night Pac smashed the vinyl he was playing at Suge Knight’s notorious Las Vegas nightclub, Club 662, just as the East Coast/West Coast rap rivalry was starting. By DJ Pizzo.
    [ Medium ]

    The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170 Live Painting and Screening.
    Happening at The Harlem Film Festival this Sunday September 14. By Gregston Hurdle.
    [ Mass Appeal ]

    Interview: Sacha Jenkins Talks “The Burning of Kingston” Graffiti Battle, Teaching a Graffiti Class at Pratt, and the End of 5 Pointz.
    “There were no cell phones, and there was no Internet. The subway itself was the information superhighway…The train was the conductor of information.” By Susan Cheng.
    [ Complex ]

    Director Jason Goldwatch on Filming Dilated Peoples at the World Trade Center on 9/7/2001.
    “I’ll never forget sitting at my edit looking at the shots of the towers from a few days before, perfect, stoic, unbreakable. I was stunned.” By dantana
    [ okayplayer ]

    Augmented Reality App Turns Subway Ads Into Art.
    Creatively curbing onslaught of corporate signage via technology. By Marina Galperina.
    [ ANIMAL ]

    This is What Over 500 Years of Music Sharing Looks Like.
    Humans have for a long time figured out ways for other humans to hear music. By Jeremy Zerbe. Art by Danny Scanzoni.
    [ Pigeons+Planes ]

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