1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 10.9.13

    1. A Dynasty of Album Cover Art.
    Lemi Ghariokwu, the artist responsible for Fela’s incredible album covers, in his own words: “Fela decided to make an incursion into the various untouchable aspects of our society. He took advantage of the sweet and seductive power of those things that are looked upon as taboo and he invited Nigeria to the debate, and I stand with resoluteness behind him to this day.”
    [ Granta ]

    2. Ad-Rock Doesn’t Understand Why Trucks Are Still So Loud.
    Beastie Boy on Donald Trump, Pat Kiernan, and Vinny the Chin. By Vanita Salisbury.
    [ New York Magazine ]

    3. Not All NYC Artists Love Banksy.
    ego trip’s own Sacha Jenkins explains why the UK-based street artist doesn’t run the same risks as graffiti writers. By Danielle Tcholakian.
    [ Metro ]

    4. “If the 1% stifles New York’s creative talent, I’m out of here.”
    David Byrne of Talking Heads writes editorial lamenting how “most of Manhattan and many parts of Brooklyn are [now] pleasure domes for the rich (which, full disclosure, includes me), and aside from those of us who managed years ago to find our niche and some means of income, there is no room for fresh creative types. Middle-class people can barely afford to live here anymore, so forget about emerging artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writers, journalists and small business people. Bit by bit, the resources that keep the city vibrant are being eliminated.”
    [ The Guardian ]

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