1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 8.8.12


    Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Inc

    In a World of Hz: Nat Moore, the Dolphins, and the History of Miami Bass in One Hit.
    Only Dave Tompkins can make you understand how NFL players, roller skating rinks and "The Fuck-Shit-Up Button" were all vital to one of the South's most vital musical genres.
    [ Grantland ]

    The Sikh Temple Shooter’s Connection to Punk Rock & Manson.
    Sacha Jenkins SHR on the cowardly white supremacist's musical past: "You’re dead, Wisconsin shooter. You’ll never get fan mail and your band sucks."
    [ Mass Appeal ]

    Rewinding With J-Zone.
    Zone chops it up about his vintage rap tape collection, revealing the most valuable cassette in his possession. He also discusses some of his demos, talks about his upcoming 45 single "featuring Prince Paul, Breeze Brewin' from The Juggaknots and my man Oxygen, the Crate Invader," and gives some shout outs : "Shouts to all who've used a head cleaner that came with the liquid bottle and dry tape!"
    [ Strictly Cassette ]

    50 Unreleased Albums That We'd Kill To Hear.
    Would you wanna hear that MC Hammer Death Row record with Tupac collabos? How about that other lost Nas lost tape? Or Danger Doom and Black Thought together? Or how 'bout Pink Floyd's album made out of household appliances? Well, all these unreleased LPs are on Complex's most wanted list.
    [ Complex ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://tbirdandthebreaks.com TBird

      Much Love 2 J-Zone as always. There's def something about the medium of tapes too that makes you listen, no skippin allowed. It makes me wanna get my friends together and start trading tapes again. thinkin segueways, time it out, mix it up, interludes, oddballs, basically do'n it for the love of the music. puttin something together that you know dudes can sit with cuz u already done sat with it a couple two-tree hours puttin it together (cuz that's how cassettes be)

    • 93kid

      No doubt man. Tapes took alot of love to take time and put them together. Best ones are the self recorded dubs of dubs of dubs. Love tapes...still got a deck in my whip!