1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 8.4.12

    KDAY, the Gangsta Rap Oldies Station, Breaks New Ground by Playing Music From the Bad Old Days.
    Los Angeles airwaves are getting a blast from thse past: “KDAY is making big ratings gains by playing the old gangsta rap that used to sound so menacing. The odd thing is, it no longer does. ‘It brings back good memories; it brings a smile to people’s faces,” says program director Adrian “Mr. A.D.” Scott. “People used to say, ‘This is bad for our kids,’ but now we praise it.'” By Ben Westhoff.
    [ LA Weekly ]

    Sizzla Disses Snoop Lion…uh Snoop Dogg on “Burn Out Smithsonians.”
    Reggae artist not feeling Uncle Snoop’s transformation to reggae. “Everybody want a piece a mi culture dem a raid it like vulture,” goes the track aimed at Long Beach rapper who has a film coming out chronicling his conversion to Rasta faith.
    [ Jay Blessed ]

    Big Subway Archive by Henry Chalfant.
    A glimpse at the pioneering photographer’s serial collection of 800 graffiti photos, drawings and interviews available for the iPad throughout the next year. “The archive is more than a collector’s item, it’s an art lesson and historical trove.” By Mare 139.
    [ 12 Oz. Prophet ]

    Remembering Sherman Hemsley’s Electro-Funk Legacy.
    We might be a little late posting this, but anytime is the right time to see the late, great Mr. J on Soul Train … with his back-up dancers, The Shermanettes. By Chaz Kangas
    [ OC Weekly ]

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