1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 8.27.14

    (Photos: Andre 3000: Patrick Redmond (XLrator Media)/ Bam: Joe Conzo/ Wild Style : ZEPHYR/ Lee Scratch Perry: Dem Passwords)

    1. André 3000 Is Moving On in Film, Music and Life.
    “Hendrix kind of saved me. I was in a not-so-great space, just in a dark place every day.” By Jon Caramanica.
    [ New York Times ]

    2. Q&A: Run the Jewels on the Tragedy in Ferguson and Racist Idiots.
    “I don’t want another generation of kids being afraid to interact with police officers,” says Killer Mike. By Dan Reilly.
    [ Spin ]

    3. Nas Is Not Your Old Droog.
    “Why, for example, would an unknown MC say, ‘Making like four more albums then I’m falling back’ when he hadn’t even released one? And why would he choose to write so many of his rhymes in the past tense, as if his career had already happened?” Your old friend responds in this face-to-face interview. By Jay Caspian Kang.
    [ New Yorker ]

    4. 9th Wonder’s Five Favorite Beats He Wishes He Produced.
    Two of them are by Premier. By Carl Lamarre.
    [ XXL ]

    5. My Anaconda Don’t Want None: Iggy Azalea, Cultural Appropriation & The Fight to Prolong Nicki Minaj’s 15 minutes.
    “It’s been suggested that T.I. writes Iggy Azalea’s rhymes. The thing is, they’re bad enough that it’s not inconceivable that she wrote them herself.”
    [ Byron Crawford ]

    6. ZEPHYR Looks Back On His Work for the Wild Style Title Sequence.
    “It felt good to be working somewhere without barbed wire and cops.” By Alexander Ulloa & Lola Landekic.
    [ Art Of The Title ]

    7. The Company That (Still) Feeds Your Vinyl Record Obsession.
    A visit to the Czech Republic-based company GZ Media, the world’s biggest vinyl record producer. By Dustin Drankoski.
    [ Mashable ]

    8. Diggin’ In The Files: OutKast.
    Past ATLiens exposure from the Adler Hip-Hop Archive. By Bill Adler.
    [ Crazy Hood ]

    9. Afrika Bambaataa’s Vinyl Collection, Interpreted by DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist.
    “[H]e had rock records, he had punk records. That was, I think, his gift to hip-hop: basically saying that any record can be hip-hop in the right context.” By Nara Shin.
    [ Cool Hunting ]

    10. Get on Down Investigative Reports: Breaking Down GZA’s “Labels.”
    True or False? 85% of the record labels mentioned in GZA’s classic 1995 cut are no longer around. Up North Trips searches for the answer.
    [ Get On Down ]

    11. Don Pardo, the Voice of SNL , Is Dead at 96.
    May he rest in peace. By Neil Genzlinger.
    [ New York Times ]

    12. Graffiti-Themed Toy Will Turn Your Child Into A Drug Dealer, Allegedly.
    Politicians urges to buff Kidffiti off the store shelves. By Sophie Weiner.
    [ ANIMAL ]

    13. Visual Culture: Lee “Scratch” Perry’s “The Death of Baphomet” Art Show.
    “According to a recorded message from Perry posted to YouTube, work from the show, at Dem Passwords Gallery in Los Angeles, will depict the death of the devil “and his puppet Jay-Z.” By Jesse Serwer.
    [ LargeUp ]

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