1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 8.23.13

    1. The Blast Radius Of Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse.
    Wait, so the infamous Kendrick “Control” lyrics about being “King of New York” that got every NYC rapper’s panties all in a bunch were actually lifted from Kurupt ? By kris ex.
    [ NPR ]

    2. Aspiring Rapper’s Instagram Photos Lead to Largest Gun Bust in New York City History.
    I got seven Mac-11s, about eight 38s… on Instagram. When keeping it real on social media goes wrong. By Nathan Olivarez-Giles.
    [ The Verge ]

    3. Bushwick Bill — Sang Bleu Magazine Interview.
    Geto Boy discusses his love for graffiti and b-boying, gives props to Danzig, and explains why Of Mice and Men is his favorite book. By Zio.
    [ Zioxla ]

    4. What Ever Happened to the Best Music Writing Series?
    $17,337 in unaccounted for Kickstarter funds and a missed Fall 2012 publication deadline has left a lot of former BMW supporters pissed. By H. Drew Blackburn
    [ Noisey ]

    5. Whole Foods Has a Record Store. Oh No?
    It’s getting real MUSICAL in the Whole Foods parking lot. Why the grocery store chain is entering the music “curation” game. By Kai Flanders.
    [ LA Weekly ]

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