1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 8.2.13


    1. George Akimoto – Film Poster Guru.
    Japanese-American artist went from WWII internment camp to a successful career making some really ill movie art.
    [ Voices of East Anglia ]

    2. Heavy Rotation with Sean Price.
    P tells you songs he's been listening to recently, which conjure up memories like these: "I remember I was a young nigga...and I was Smurfin’ with grown ladies in the party [to Alicia Myers' “I Want to Thank You”]...I just remember doing The Smurf on this lady’s ass." By Daniel Isenberg.
    [ Nah Right ]

    3. The "Vicious Competition for Credit" Over Launching Madonna's Career.
    Producer Reggie Lucas, who was Mtume's musical partner and a part of Miles Davis' band in the 1970s, recalls the significant amount of work he did on Madonna's debut LP and the subsequent efforts by others to downplay his role in the pop singer's early rise. By Chris Williams.
    [ The Atlantic ]

    4. This Charming Man.
    Critic Sasha Frere-Jones goes all the way in on Jay-Z's MCHG : "The album opens with desperation: 'Holy Grail' uses the world’s most popular concierge, Justin Timberlake, to help sing part of Nirvana’s 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.'... Nirvana. 'Teen Spirit.' It’s like Jay Z asked Pandora to produce the record and then left for a meeting."
    [ The New Yorker ]

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