1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 8.19.11

    1. Henry Chalfant Remembers “King of Style” Graffiti Pioneer Kase 2.
    Words from the photodocu-mster of graf culture on the passing of Kase 2.
    [ Style Wars ]

    2. Is Someone Rubbing Salt in Marc Ecko’s KAWS-Stolen Wounds?
    Where would YOU look for a painting valued at over $100K? Duh: Craigslist.
    [ Animal ]

    3. Why We’re Not Buying Black Jazz.
    The Numero Group will not be acquiring the Black Jazz catalog, for one because, “Record stores need more Black Jazz like they need iPods.”
    [ Numero Group ]

    4. J Dilla – “Last Donut of the Night.”
    The winner of the Stones Throw Records “Make your own video” contest presents a plate of hapless donuts in confrontation with their natural predator. You can guess who.
    [ Stones Throw ]

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