1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 8.12.11

    1. Animal Pharm.
    Google search for "rapper turning into animal" yields, let's say, interesting results. Like this series of illustrations of rappers in the form of their animal kingdom counterparts. Sillycreepyohsogood.
    [ Patrick Moberg ]

    2. Brazen Thief Makes Off with $100K Print.
    Man strongly resembling a police sketch steals a valuable Kaws painting from Marc Ecko's offices in broad daylight. Where's he gonna sell it? On ebay?
    [ NY1 ]

    3. Antron, Mad Rok-NKS & Microphone Mike - “Can He Do It (Go Jesse Go).”
    Pretty crazy. Old School electro track celebrating Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential bid, with vocals featuring a pre-Freestyle Fellowship Mikah 9 (formerly Microphone Mike). Uncontrollable poplocking likely to ensue.
    [ Tumblin' Erb ]

    4. Tough Times For Friends and Other Labels.
    Arbiters of excellent sounds The Numero Group recommends some records you can buy from labels devastated by the London riots fire that destroyed the PIAS Distribution warehouse. [ Numero Group ]

    5. Amy Winehouse portrait made of pills, and more junk art by Jason Mecier.
    Includes Kim Kardashian made of liquorice. (In case you couldn't guess it's black liquorice.) [ The Telegraph ]

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