1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 8.1.12

    Photo: Peter Bohler

    Photo: Peter Bohler

    Oakland, the Last Refuge of Radical America.
    On the protest march with the Anti-Capitalist Brigade. This close look at Occupy Oakland features a real-life (and surreal) moment in which Boots Riley of The Coup is confronted by a cop, who turns out to be a lyric-quoting fan. By Jonathan Mahler.
    [ New York Times ]

    The Boss Is Hungry: Every Food or Drink Name-Dropped in a Rick Ross Song.
    Rick Ross or Chunky-A? You decide: "I just found a doughnut under my breast/ I’m a tell you something and don’t think that I’m weird/ I eat leftover food that gets stuck in my beard/ Powdered doughnuts, leftover chili/ Sit in the back of the bus and make it pop a wheelie." List by Sarah Lawson and Amanda Dobbins.
    [ NY Mag ]

    Kool Keith Is Lost in His Own Space.
    Keith speaks on whether or not he retired and being stereotyped when doing guest verses: "I'm under chains and shackles," he says. "People bring me in in handcuffs. It's the only way you gonna get paid. [Returns to high-pitched nerd voice.] 'Did you write the song about space? So we could process your check?' It's cool, but after a while it gets so unnatural. You wake up in the morning and you wanna be like, 'Yo, my dick is large. I fucked that girl last night. I stuck it in the ass.' You feel better. You feel released." By Amos Barshad.
    [ Grantland ]

    This Is Slick: A Conversation with Graffiti Writer/Clothing Designer Slick.
    L.A. artist speaks with Oliver Wang.
    [ KCET ]

    Less Traveled Roads: Def Jef’s Stellar 20 Year Television Music Career.
    The secret to his boob tube success, in his own words.
    [ Soul 4 Sale ]

    Harry Allen: Two Years Ago...
    It appears that the Media Assassin may return to steady bloggin'.
    [ Harry Allen ]

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    • Bboycult

      Oakland...straight up/down. That article was a well written piece of trivial drivel. All I heard was ' you can't stop the bum rush of gentrification, so take that dick and suck it' . Maybe Oakland could do more community development if 200K+ a yr OPD salaries were an anomaly and not near the norm. (a large # of the fuzz don't even live in Oakland)