1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 7.22.16

    Chuck D slams the Trumps, defends Black Lives Matter.
    “He’s stupid and this convention is stupid for having him.” By Deena Zaru
    [ CNN ]

    KRS-One Says Afrika Bambaataa Detractors Should ‘Quit Hip-Hop.’
    “Some of us are going to have to be untouchable or our entire culture is going to fall. Our culture cannot fall on the accusations of four people, that’s weak.” By Brian Josephs
    [ Spin ] ALSO: Ronald Savage responds to KRS comments [ All Hip Hop ]

    Bobby Ramirez, DTTX from A Lighter Shade of Brown, Passes Away at 46.
    The rapper had been found unconscious with a 107-degree temperature on a Las Vegas street on July 7 when paramedics transferred him to a nearby hospital. Ramirez stayed in a coma for 11 days until family made the difficult decision to end all life support. By Gabriel San Roman
    [ OC Weekly ]

    Run-DMC Member Opens Up About His Battle With Mental Illness.
    “My saying is, ‘therapy is gangsta,’” says Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, who has written new memoir, Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide . By Brennan Williams
    [ Huffington Post ]

    Kool Keith on keeping it weird, the underground struggle and Pimp To Eat (2000).
    Kool Keith: “You don’t have to follow the same formula as everybody. Just be weird” By Laurent Fintoni
    [ FACT ]

    The Making of Cormega’s The Realness .
    Track by track breakdown featuring testimony from Cormega, Havoc, The Alchemist, J-Love, Sha Money XL, Jae Supreme.
    [ XXL ]

    De La Soul — Buhloone Mindstate (1993).
    A look back at De La’s great but often overlooked third album. “There is no decoding this album; you can only hope to inflate its context.” By Andrew Nosnitsky
    [ Pitchfork ]

    Large Professor Broke More Than Atoms 25 Years Ago. He Broke New Ground.
    Lookin’ at the Main Source album a quarter century later. By Jake Paine
    [ Ambrosia For Heads ]

    No Country for Old (Rap) Men: The Importance of Sadat X
    The innovative and daring style of one of the most underrated MCs. By Robbie Ettelson
    [ Acclaim ]

    Prince Paul Fuses Brooklyn, Brazil on BROOKZILL!’s Debut LP.
    “To me, BROOKZILL! is a throwback to why I started my whole career: good music is good music, regardless of what the language is, what the culture is.” By Ryan Reed
    [ Rolling Stone ]

    DJ Q-Bert talks Invisibl Skratch Piklz reunion, Low End Theory Fest and the evolution of scratching.
    “The mentality when I’m playing now is all about shooting love through the turntables somehow.” By Randall Roberts
    [ Los Angeles Times ]

    El-P Explains What Makes His New York Special.
    “I always liked the idea that you can put something in you onto a canvas or a piece of paper and have it exist there and not inside you. It’s a way to control things. Similar to the way the city is constantly making noise and there’s a siren in the distance or someone yelling or a dog barks or a car stops, and it all sort of ends up in my music. I think it’s this weird way of trying to control the chaos.” By Steffanee Wang
    [ FADER ]

    Money B of Digital Underground Interviews Nice & Smooth’s Smooth B In 2016.
    On The Goin Way Back Show .
    [ Crates of JR ]

    “My Role as a DJ is as a Conduit”: An Interview With DJ Spinna.
    “I’m obligated to be a good father, but also live up to my standards of being the best producer, musician, DJ, that I can.” By Sam Ribakoff
    [ Passion of the Weiss ]

    Counter Intelligence (Los Angeles): A photo essay of the city’s best record stores.
    Record Jungle, Record Surplus, and other cool spots. By Maxwell Schiano
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

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