1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 7.22.11

    1. Lindsay Lohan Demonstrates Her Graffiti Skills.
    Crack. Prison. And now graffiti? Aw, lawd. Help Lindsay! Pleaaase, lawd!
    [ Animal New York ]

    2. “Sidebar” podcast #12: Photographer Brian Cross/B+.
    O-Dub chats with the celebrated hip-hop photographer and author. If you can get past homie’s nearly indecipherable Irish brogue (oh, we kid, we kid!) you can learn a little sumpin’ about his connections with Damian Marley, DJ Shadow, and the early 90s LA underground rap scene.
    [ Soul Sides ]

    3. Hoods-to-Woods Foundation.
    Bed-Stuy born Brian “DEKA” Paupaw takes teens from around the way and introduces them to the great outdoors. Great idea. Snowboarding and Rock Climbing are the 5th and 6th elements of hip hop. Thought you knew.
    [ Hoods to Woods Foundation ]

    4. Hope For NYC.
    Not so fast, shiny/happy/bland/21st Century NYC. You’re still showing signs of grit after all.
    [ Restlus ]

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