1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 7.19.12

    (Photo by Rachell Morillo)

    1. Finding Hip-Hop’s Beginning in Afrika Bambaataa’s 40,000-Deep Record Collection.
    Three of Bam’s storage spaces full of vital artifacts have been emptied and donated to Cornell University. By Brett Koshkin.
    [ Village Voice ]

    2. Questlove: Trayvon Martin and I Ain’t Shit.
    The Roots drummer on why awkward (and racial) social situations have turned him into “a 75 percent robot, 25 percent human being.” By Amhir Questlove Thompson.
    [ New York Magazine ]

    3. Beats, Rhymes, and Commerce: Remembering the Greatest Hip-Hop Shops.
    From suburban shops in Long Island to cramped, high rent sweatboxes in the East Village (with one detour to the West Coast), J-Zone presents his 10 favorite defunct rap stores.
    [ Complex ]

    4. The Gaslamp Killer’s Near-Death Account.
    DJ relives nightmare of auto accident and dealing with EMTs who don’t give a fuck. By Jeff Weiss.
    [ LA Weekly ]

    5. Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail App Under Investigation.
    The US Federal Trade Commission is watching. By Sean Michaels.
    [ The Guardian ]

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