1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 7.15.11

    1. Everything is a Remix.
    For those that like to get their TED on (and we don’t just mean Bawno ), this 4-part micro-webseries is in the same vein as those entertaining and informative videos. Watch the first one breaking down the pre and post plagiarism of Led Zeppelin and tell us you’re not hooked.
    [ Everything Is A Remix via Kiss My Black Ads ]

    2. Make Some Noise.
    The story of how mid-90s underground emcee Siah (of Siah & Yeshua) left hip-hop, the United States… and came back to hip hop.
    [ Tablet Magazine ]

    3. Biz Markie 69er Out Now.
    There’s something weirdly revealing about watching Biz Markie speak in an actual conversational tone. Not rapping, but waxing nostalgic about sneakers. Sure, it’s a basically a long form commercial for ProKeds, but watch it and feel… diabolical .
    [ Vimeo via Lodown ]

    4. Queen Latifah Says Gay Is the New Black.
    Wait! Does Dana Owens break her silence and cop to the love that dare not speak its name? Sortakinda. Her character on the show Single Ladies does. Do you want more???
    [ The Root ]

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