1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 7.11.12

    1. Big Hutch Releases Statement On Passing Of Above The Law Member KMG.
    [ HipHopDX ]

    2. Why the Fat Boys Still Matter.
    Our man Dave Tompkins marvels over the pizza box reissue, uncovers all sort of cool FBs nuggets and explains how the group made him laugh even after his apartment almost burnt down.
    [ Slate ]

    3. Breakfast Bills, Weight Contests, And Good Morning America: Fact-Checking The Myths About The Fat Boys.
    Former FBs manager Charles Stettler remembers the good ol’ days of pushing weight (really!) on rap fans. By Phillip Mlynar.
    [ Village Voice ]

    4. The Sound and the Fury: The Fall and Rise of the First All-Sports Talk Station, WFAN.
    “… even though this is an incredibly stupid idea, let’s try it.” And with those words, a broadcasting institution was born. By Alex French and Howie Kahn.
    [ Grantland ]

    5. Beat Construction: The Alchemist.
    In depth discussion of snares preempted by intense debate over turkey bacon. By Noz.
    [ The Fader ]

    6. Prodigy’s 25 Favorite Albums.
    R. Kelly – okay, sure. Wasn’t really expecting Rihanna on this list, though. By Jordan Zirm.
    [ Complex ]

    7. Is Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” Legally Accurate? A Law Professor Explains in Line-by-Line Reading.
    An associate professor of law at Southwestern University gets all legalese on Hova’s lyrics.
    [ Gawker ]

    8. 5 Examples of The Awkward Genius of Nardwuar.
    Like that time Nas asked if he could keep a toy and the Nard said, no. *Pete Rock voice* Whose gift is this? By Andrew Gruttadaro.
    [ Baeble Music ]

    9. The One Thing About Geordi That LeVar Burton Wishes Star Trek Had Explored: “His Sexuality.”
    With Star Trek: The Next Generation coming to blu-ray this month, LeVar Burton laments Geordi La Forge’s lack of onscreen romance: “… one [romance] was with an entity that was actually a monster. And the other was with a holographic representation of the woman who designed the Enterprise engines. Neither of which I would necessarily call a healthy relationship. I just wish [the writers] had allowed that part of Geordi to evolve…” By Charlie Jane Anders.
    [ i09 ]

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