1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 6.4.12

    1. Rothschild Heiress’s Marriage to Goldsmith Scion Is Over… After She Falls For a Rapper called Jay Electronica.
    Yeah yeah, this story has been re-reported a gazillion times in the past 24 hours. But this UK Daily Mail article may be the most entertaining report simply for describing Jay Elect as such: “He has been rapping since 2004 and is known for controversial and explicitly sexual lyrics… He is also friendly with heiress and socialite Nicky Hilton.”
    [ Daily Mail ]

    2. Nicki Minaj Skips Festival After a DJ’s Remarks.
    Jon Caramanica on last night’s action: “The idea that art and commerce are at odds is a remnant of an old culture war: dogma presented as forward-thinking but really just protecting an outmoded mean, leading to the unusual and very modern spectacle of a white man deriding a black woman for not sufficiently upholding hip-hop’s values.”
    [ New York Times ]

    3. Nicki Minaj vs. Peter Rosenberg: The Worst Beef Ever.
    More from the MetLife Stadium front lines. Brandon Soderberg writes: “This is rap’s ‘real vs. commercial’ culture war in 2012. A loudmouthed morning man and a DJ [Funkmaster Flex] who plays radio singles before all the other stations, and pretends he still ‘breaks records,’ fighting it out with a female pop and rap dynamo, maybe even artist of a generation, who couldn’t care less about being ‘real.'”
    [ Spin ]

    4. Lauryn Hill Weighs In On Nicki Minaj Dropping Out Of Hot 97’s Summer Jam.
    So after the two above linked pieces does anyone else really need to speak on this whole Nicki Minaj Summer Jam mess? Huh, Lauryn Hill? Really? Okay, sure.
    [ HipHopDX ]

    5. Top 10 Jukeboxes In Los Angeles.
    Because it’s the only time people willingly pay for music anymore.
    [ LA Weekly ]

    6. Richard Dawson dies at 79; host of TV’s Family Feud .
    His style was awesome. Kiss the game’s host goodbye. RIP.
    [ LA Times ]

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