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    Bernie Worrell-Al-Pereira

    (Photo: Al Pereira/WireImage via NPR)

    Bernie Worrell, 'Wizard Of Woo,' Dies At 72.
    The classically trained keyboardist (he studied at Juilliard and the New England Conservatory of Music) made his name — and an indelible mark on music — in the world of P-Funk.
    By Camila Domonoske [ NPR ]
    [ALSO: Rolling Stone article by Daniel Kreps]

    Give The Drummer Some: Greg Webster, Ohio Players Drummer.
    "The only regret I have is nobody had a tape recorder to capture how funky we really were.” J-Zone chats with the man who led the group through its early years.
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    The Hustler’s Manual: Jay-Z’s Producers Remember Making Reasonable Doubt .
    "It was honest music. It wasn’t fabricated. It wasn’t trying to do anything that was out of character. He kept it in character. He told his real life story and he did it in such a way, lyrically, it was poetic.” Ski, DJ Clark Kent , DJ Premier, and others reminisce on the 20-year-old classic. By Brian Josephs [ Spin ]
    [ BONUS: Bun B talks Reasonable Doubt over at Complex ]

    Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt Turns 20: Kareem 'Biggs' Burke Reflects On the Hip-Hop Classic.
    “When Biggie and Jay sat at the board, the engineer came and dropped a pad and a pen right in between them. Jay looks at it and then he pushes it over to Big. Big looks at it and pushes it back. That’s the time they realized that neither one of them wrote lyrics [down on paper].” By Andres Tardio
    [ Billboard ]

    Contact High: The Shoot That Made Nas Illmatic.
    Photographer Lisa Leone takes us back to '94 with iconic shots of a young Nasir Jones recording his debut studio album. "It felt like there was a lot of intention happening. There were a lot of people in the room: Q‐Tip, Large Professor, Premier. And they were all like, 'This kid is sick.' You can see it in one of the pictures on the contact sheet of Premier’s face – there’s this feeling that they’re on the verge of something groundbreaking. “ By Vikki Tobak
    [ Mass Appeal ]

    Black Votes Matter.
    "Once you realize that a vote is a weapon, the ballot suddenly matters as much as freedom of speech and the right to own a gun. And a vote is a powerful weapon.” By Killer Mike
    [ Playboy ]

    My Experience With The Broken Immigration System.
    Slick Rick: "We need to reinvent a system of immigration justice that grants fair, speedy hearings, free from prolonged incarceration, where an immigration judge can exercise common sense that balances a person’s misdeeds, if any, against his positive contributions to the community." By Ricky Walters. Co-Written By Ira Kurzban Esq.
    [ Huffington Post ]

    Rapper Big L's Accused Killer Gunned Down in Harlem, Sources Say.
    By Trevor Kapp, Murray Weiss and Aidan Gardiner
    [ DNA Info ]

    Ghostface Killah Says Next Wu-Tang Reunion Is In His Hands.
    "RZA put the ball in my hand. He said, 'Yo, I want you to do it,' and I been wanting to do it, and that’s a big test for me right there." By Chris Mitchell
    [ HipHopDX ]

    Vince Staples, Regular Genius.
    No matter how vivid his songs are, or how carefully you listen, it’s difficult to fully understand the Long Beach rapper. By Jeff Weiss
    [ FADER ]

    Watch CBGB's 1992 Hip-Hop Showcase Hosted by Bobbito & Kurious Jorge.
    Performances by Artifacts, Total Pack, Joe Fatal, Percee P & E-Kim, Hard 2 Obtain, 8-Off The Assassin (Agallah) and Yaggfu Front.
    [ cratesofjr.blogspot.com ]

    Taking Listeners on a Journey: Tall Black Guy and The Art of Musical Appreciation .
    “I listen to the small subtleties in tracks and ask, ‘How did they create that effect?’ Then I’ll try to emulate it myself.” By Gino Sorcinelli
    [ Medium ]

    Waajeed Explores The Harmony Between Art And Music.
    The producer who got a scholarship to the Center For Creative Studies in Detroit to study illustration says: “My mind kind of set the two [visual art and music] in the same place. To me, music and art is the same thing.” By Layne Weiss
    [ Mass Appeal ]

    The Lost History of the 'Booty Call.’
    It’s permeated the American lexicon, but where does the term come from? By Elon Green
    [ Esquire ]

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