1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts 6.24.11

    1. Mercedes-Benz working on M-Class Hybrid Popemobile.
    Proof positive that there’s still room for a show called Pope My Ride . Xzibit, where ya at!
    [ AutoBlog ]

    2. Pharrell Williams At Cannes Lions 2011.
    Video interview where Pharell Williams tosses around words like “categorical” and speaks well of humans.
    [ Kiss My Black Ads ]

    3. Silly GIFS of animals being jerks.
    Yes. It’s true. Our four-footed friends can be assholes. Maybe the best non-rap blog. Ever.
    [ Animals Being Dicks ]

    4. Rare Jazz Documentaries.
    Justin Wong hips us to docs about Charles Mingus and Art Pepper for your weekend viewing pleasure. (Note to selves: cop iPad soon)
    [ Shookmag ]

    5. How’s Earl?
    The Free Earl saga continues. Kalefa Sannah rebuts back to Complex mag’s refutation of New Yorker’s exposé. The fascination with OFWGKTA can’t stop won’t stop.
    [ New Yorker ]

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