1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 6.21.13

    1. Big Ghost Reviews Kanye West – Yeezus .
    On “Black Skinhead”: “This beat is like the sound of some oiled up dudes in cowboy hats pretendin to twirl lassos in the air on the dance floor in music form n shit.”
    [ Okayplayer ]

    2. Yeezus : Good, Not Great, and Quite Misogynist.
    “In his attempts to be politically astute, Kanye West falls woefully short, but music and culture would probably be worse off without him.” By kris ex.
    [ LA Weekly ]

    3. Toppa Top 10: Kanye West’s Most Jamaican Moments.
    Yup, Ye is a dancehall fan. Now hurry up with his damn raggamuffins. By Richard “Treats” Dryden & Jesse Serwer.
    [ LargeUp ]

    4. In Search of the Air Horn.
    How did the air horn make the jump from Jamaica to hip hop? By Jeff Weiss.
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    5. Seattle student hides Biggie Smalls lyric by using chemical elements in yearbook message.
    The most scientifically gangsta thing since Breaking Bad . By Lee Moran.
    [ NY Daily News ]

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