1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 5.27.16


    Before Biggie.
    While work was being done on Cheo Hodari Coker’s biography of Christopher Wallace in the early 2000s, someone from Biggie’s North Carolina hustling days reached out to the publishers. He had a story to tell. By Rob Kenner
    [ Pigeons & Planes ]

    Fat Joe Explains How He Got Jay Z To Be On The "All The Way Up" Remix.
    "The past is the past. I've grown out of any immaturities that I used to have, and stupid ways of thinking. I'm mature. I'm a business man. I'm much smarter, wiser, and I just figured the game deserves to hear a Fat Joe and Jay Z song sooner or later, for the hip-hop culture.” By Myles Tanzer [ Fader ]
    [Also, this old XXL post explains Nore and Memphis Bleeks' involvement in the beef squashing]

    Tony Dofat Shares His Fondest Memories of Heavy D.
    Worth it alone for this supposedly true nugget: "One time we were in the elevator at The Four Seasons and Robert De Niro and his wife stepped on. That was the first time they’d met and they were big fans of each other. De Niro was like 'Heavy D I love you.'” By Jerry Barrow
    [ WatchLoud ]

    The ‘Fantastic’ Origin Story of J Dilla & Slum Village.
    Q-Tip fueled the industry buzz by telling anyone willing to listen about his new favorite group from Motown. Excerpt from the liner notes of Slum Village’s new Fantastic Box set . By Martin Caballero
    [ Cuepoint ]

    The Cipher Show: Keith Shocklee.
    The Bomb Squad member talks Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and that time someone wanted to fight his mom. Interview by Shawn Setaro
    [ The Cipher ]

    DJ Shadow on Endtroducing ’s legacy and embracing the beat scene he helped create.
    On his new album, The Mountain Will Fall , the producer has finally made peace with the scene he did so much to influence, saying that his legacy is “only an albatross if I surrender to it.” By Laurent Fintoni
    [ Fact ]

    Unwinding Dâm-Funk's Everlasting Groove.
    "I consider myself timeless, and the type of music that I play when I DJ and also create in the studio is timeless music.” By Craig Jenkins
    [ Noisey ]

    Up and Down with Danny Brown and His New Documentary Live at the Majestic .
    “[The film] shows my goofy moments... I want to be the cool rapper [but] I’m still that goofy guy.” By Alex Robert Ross
    [ Noisey ]

    Grindhouse Gems: Uncovering Johnny Tough .
    Exploring a lesser-known Blaxploitation flick. By Michael A. Gonzales
    [ Ebony ]

    Poetry, Proto-Rap and Soul: The Sounds of the Black Power Revolution.
    Some of the songs that soundtracked the multi-faceted movement. By Pat Thomas
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    Prison Music.
    From Duke Ellington to Johnny Cash and The Clash, here’s a brief history on how music in prisons has long been considered a key device for rehabilitation. By Amanda Petrusich
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    Inside the Trove of the Genre-Buster Arthur Russell.
    New York Public Library for the Performing Arts acquires archive that includes "a thousand-or-so reels, cassettes, DATs, Beta and VHS tapes with hundreds of hours of unreleased and probably unreleasable material, representing how Russell made his work.” By Ben Ratliff
    [ New York Times ]

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