1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 5.15.13

    1. Prison Yard to Paris Photo LA: How an Art Market Hustle Put a $45K Price-Tag on Prison Polaroids.
    Los Angeles prison photo collection sells for big bucks. But will the same resources be dedicated to finding out who’s actually in these photos and who took them? By Pete Brook.
    [ Prison Photography ]

    2. Brooklyn, the Remix: A Hip-Hop Tour.
    Revisiting spots from Brooklyn’s grimier hip-hop past – before the artisanal cupcakes boutiques took over. By Ben Adler.
    [ New York Times ]

    3. Lost Weekend: A Cali transplant becomes a New Yorker with help from a Williamsburg groove merchant.
    Weekend Records was more than just an early ’00s record store run out of a Japanese record hoarder’s BK living room. A lot more. By Hua Hsu.
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    4. Old to the New Q&A: Prime Minister Pete Nice.
    Extensive (as in four parts-extensive – whew!) interview with the longtime 3rd Bass-man/KMD exec producer/Brooklynite. By Ryan Proctor.
    [ Old to the New ]

    5. Interview: Richard Brown of Spice.
    TSG was a notorious tax scam record label from the ’70s. Spice was a South Bronx soul group that released an incredibly rare (and now crazy expensive) album on TSG – only the group never realized it. Until now. By Andreas Vingaard.
    [ Other Sounds ]

    6. Rock the Bells 2013 Lineup Includes Resurrected Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Eazy-E and More.
    Rap festival to feature posthumous Eazy and ODB “original virtual performance(s)” (not holograms). By Mikey Fresh.
    [ Miss Info ]

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