1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 5.13.16

    Still Diggin’: An Oral History of D.I.T.C.
    How a 30-year friendship in the Bronx, NY manifested into a legendary hip-hop crew. By Mike “DJ” Pizzo
    [ Cuepoint ]

    De La Soul Announces Memorial for De La Soul Is Dead 25-Year Anniversary.
    Dave aka Trugoy aka Plug 2: “We never felt compelled to copy a beat, copy a style, or even feel as if we had to do something for a certain type of audience. So we made our own music.” By Rob Kenner
    [ Mass Appeal ]

    Prince Honored at Touching L.A. Memorial.
    “He had an ability to make you want to be your best self,” Revolution guitarist Wendy Melvoin told crowd of family, friends. By Touré
    [ Rolling Stone ]

    I Was Prince’s Private Chef.
    “Once he wanted a chocolate fountain but when I asked where to put it, he looked at me, waited a beat, and said, ‘I do the music .’” By Margaret Wetzler as told to Gabrielle Langholtz
    [ Food & Wine ]

    Diabetes Nearly Killed 2Mex But He Vows, “I’m Gonna Come Back From This.”
    Project Blowed vet and The Visionaries member says, “I got to a place where I’d close my eyes and see souls looking at me, melting away.” By Jeff Weiss
    [ LA Weekly ]

    How Donald Byrd’s ‘Think Twice’ became a house and hip-hop touchstone.
    Even those unfamiliar with the original will likely recognise the iconic break found midway through the track. By Jack Pepper
    [ Vinyl Factory ]

    Classic Hip-Hop Interpreted As Retro Horror Film Posters.
    Works by Dio Gene.
    [ Crates of JR ]

    Other Music Record Shop, Yielding to Trends, Will Close.
    East Village store opened in 1995. By Joe Coscarelli
    [ New York Times ]

    How Jarobi White Disappeared From A Tribe Called Quest and Emerged as a Classically Trained Chef.
    The enigmatic member of one of hip-hop’s most famous crews re-oriented his life through the simple philosophy of mise-en-place. By Dan Charnas
    [ First We Feast ]

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