1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 4.27.12

    1. The 5th Annual 10 Softest Niggas In the Game.
    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to da Internetz cyberspace’s best rap impersonator, the great Big Ghostface as he once again counts down in his humble opinion and whatnot the softest rappers going right now. As usual, he holds nuttin’ back. Don’t believe us? See what he had to say about Drake “aka the Patron Saint of Tenderness aka the Human Glee Episode aka The Inventor of the Audio Scrunchie aka the Merchant of Cuddles otherwise known as The Wizard of Pause”: “…You kno you soft when you inspire muthafuckin Zac Efron to get YOLO tatted on his creamy little hand b. You kno you soft when the furry mascots at ball games n shit be askin if they can get pictures wit YOU son.” Ha!
    [ Big Ghost Chronicles ]

    2. Why I Gave Up On Record Store Day.
    Supporting record stores as essential places through which to build community? Cool. Standing in line to compete for exclusive releases with folks who are gonna turn around and post them shits to ebay before the day is done? Okay, maybe not so cool. Read how RSD special releases ruined the waxist holiday for one music fan.
    [ Village Voice ]

    3. Mourning MySpace.
    Globetrottin’ DJ/producer A-Trak reflects on the once trendy social network’s fall from grace and reminds us of its good side.
    [ Huffington Post ]

    4. J-Zone’s Tool Box: Kool and The Gang – “Let the Music Take Your Mind.”
    Yo, you peeped the relaunched Hot Peas & Butta site, son? Fiya! egotripland contributor J-Zone contributes a piece on why those classic Kool & the Gang 45s are better than all your rare-as-shit, expensive-ass joints.
    [ Hot Peas & Butta ]

    5. DJ Quik Tells All: The Stories Behind His Classic Records.
    David Drake interviews David Blake in this in-depth piece for the ‘Plex. Quik is the name, and don’t ever forget it.
    [ Complex ]

    6. A Complete Guide to “Hipster Racism.”
    HBO Girls controversy spawns a think piece by Lindy West: “… This new scheme someone came up with — where we prove we’re not racist by acting as casually racist as possible? Not our best, white people. Not our best.” Wonder if Ted Bawno’s son, Gaelen, has read this yet.
    [ Jezebel ]

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