1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 4.23.14

    (Photo: Janette Beckman)

    1. Janette Beckman’s Photos Capture L.A.’s Punk and Rap Past.
    On meeting Eazy-E: “He said to me, ‘I really like your accent. Would you mind coming in and reading something? We’re recording now. Maybe you can be on the album.’ I go in there, read it, and [it is the instructions for] “How To Give The Perfect Blowjob” [which later appeared as “She Swallowed It”]. [Laughs] He wanted me to read it with my English accent. [I said] ‘You know what? I don’t think I’m going to do that right now.’” By Jake Paine.
    [ LA Weekly ]

    2. When The People Cheer: How Hip-Hop Failed Black America.
    “Once hip-hop culture is ubiquitous, it is also invisible. Once it’s everywhere, it is nowhere.” By Questlove.
    [ Vulture ]

    3. The 90 Best Rap Albums of the ‘90s.
    Read it and argue. By the Complex staff.
    [ Complex ]

    4. Saturday Mass: Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage.
    “Levan treated the club as a temple to music. This complete devotion to music, to dancing, to the party, could be seen in every element of the club. The sound system, the mirror balls, and even the garbage cans were treated with reverence by both the club goers and Garage employees. And this relationship extended to the dance floor, where Levan was able to foster the kind of beloved community of which legends and myths are made.” By Peter Shapiro.
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    5. The New Diggers (1992-1994): How Listing Sample Sources In Liner Notes Forever Changed Both Rap Music & Music Discovery As A Whole.
    Part 1: “At the top of 1992, Rap tapes & CD’s were released listing some, most or all of the compositions that were sampled & then cleared for usage in their liner notes. It was possibly akin to opening Pandora’s Box. For the first time ever, Rap fans were being told what song was being sampled and/or flipped on the album they heard. It instantaneously fed this curiosity based need for many Hip-Hop heads to seek out these records and hear the source materials for their selves.” By Dart Adams.
    [ Real Rap, No Backpack ]

    6. Rick Ross Has His Own Advice Column In Rolling Stone.
    The Bawse doles out advice on golddiggin’ girlfriends, turnt-up dads and whether or not to cheat on high school book reports.
    [ Miss Info ]

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