1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 3.23.12


    1. Question In the Form of an Answer: Ka.
    Words of wisdom from the Brownsville, Brooklyn rhyme vet - whose recent Grief Pedigree LP, by the way, is a moody, introspective gem. Ka on the new New York: "As an older man I’m glad that it changed for the better, the knucklehead in me thinks it’s soft now."
    [Passion of the Weiss]

    2. Omar From The Wire Will Play Ol’ Dirty Bastard in a Film About ODB’s Manager?!
    Because the world is clamoring for a film about ODB...'s manager?!? Michael K. Williams - we know you're good. But you've got your work cut out for you to save the premise of this flick.

    3. The Closing Of Megaupload & The Industry's Conflicted View Of Digital Distribution Services.
    A reminder that if you're waiting for what's left of the record industry to stop playing both sides of the fence on this issue, get a comfortable chair. OnSmash founder Kevin Hofman: "Since copyright laws have not caught up to technology we are left with grey area polarized by an individual or entity's best interest."

    4. DJ Gets Death Threats for Playing Dubstep.
    Trance fans ain't nuthin' to fuck wit.
    [LA Weekly]

    5. The K-Hole: Spending some time with 'Hump' and the Kardashians.
    Cross 'em out and put a 'K': Hua Hsu on Kourtney, Kim n' Kris: "I freely admit that there is no point — and yet I kept watching to discern some hidden code of modern culture, as a wager against my better instincts... I watched for those startling scenes when the camera panned to reveal a bookshelf with an actual book on it."

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    • http://goldenagehiphop.blogspot.com Bill

      Shortly before Ol' Dirty died, MTV was doing a mini-documentary on Dirty and his manager, trying to make a comeback after coming out of prison. Even though it was clear that ODB was his only client, the manager acted like a first-class asshat, a totally opportunistic jag. I love me some Omar, but I hope this movie takes a shit at the box office.