1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 3.23.12


    1. Question In the Form of an Answer: Ka.
    Words of wisdom from the Brownsville, Brooklyn rhyme vet - whose recent Grief Pedigree LP, by the way, is a moody, introspective gem. Ka on the new New York: "As an older man I’m glad that it changed for the better, the knucklehead in me thinks it’s soft now."
    [ Passion of the Weiss ]

    2. Omar From The Wire Will Play Ol’ Dirty Bastard in a Film About ODB’s Manager?!
    Because the world is clamoring for a film about ODB...'s manager?!? Michael K. Williams - we know you're good. But you've got your work cut out for you to save the premise of this flick.
    [ MissInfoTV ]

    3. The Closing Of Megaupload & The Industry's Conflicted View Of Digital Distribution Services.
    A reminder that if you're waiting for what's left of the record industry to stop playing both sides of the fence on this issue, get a comfortable chair. OnSmash founder Kevin Hofman: "Since copyright laws have not caught up to technology we are left with grey area polarized by an individual or entity's best interest."
    [ HipHopDX ]

    4. DJ Gets Death Threats for Playing Dubstep.
    Trance fans ain't nuthin' to fuck wit.
    [ LA Weekly ]

    5. The K-Hole: Spending some time with 'Hump' and the Kardashians.
    Cross 'em out and put a 'K': Hua Hsu on Kourtney, Kim n' Kris: "I freely admit that there is no point — and yet I kept watching to discern some hidden code of modern culture, as a wager against my better instincts... I watched for those startling scenes when the camera panned to reveal a bookshelf with an actual book on it."
    [ Grantland ]

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    • http://goldenagehiphop.blogspot.com Bill

      Shortly before Ol' Dirty died, MTV was doing a mini-documentary on Dirty and his manager, trying to make a comeback after coming out of prison. Even though it was clear that ODB was his only client, the manager acted like a first-class asshat, a totally opportunistic jag. I love me some Omar, but I hope this movie takes a shit at the box office.