1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 3.2.12


    1. An Oral History of the Malice at the Palace. Replica Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Oakley Sunglasses
    Incredibly thorough revisit of the "scariest moment in NBA history" - the Detroit Pistons/Indiana Pacers brawl at The Palace at Auburn Hills from November 2004. Amongst the revelations - Ron Artest never actually threw a punch at anyone in the stands, disgraced official Tim Donaghy was one of the referees, and this quote from former Pacer, Stephen Jackson: "I knew we had to get out of this arena before all these guys in the nosebleed seats got down to our section. That's the felons, the guys that really don't care about losing anything. If they come down there, somebody's going to really get hurt."
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    2. Freshman Orientation, 2012.
    Cheap Oakleys Noz grades the frosh. For example, on Kid Ink: "Creativity 1/10. Dude is a creative flatline. There isn’t a single original idea present in his catalog. He probably needs someone else to pick menu items for him at Denny’s." BUT: "Marketability 6/10. Being completely unremarkable can be an asset in today’s complex music marketplace. He’s a blank canvas for the right cosigns and the kewlest sneakers." This is awesome news, Kid Ink.
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    3. Art Excavated From Battle Station Earth.
    Recalling the late, great Rammellzee's art, his Laight St. lair (a/k/a the Battle Station), and his close encounters with George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, and William Burroughs (with whom Rammell apparently enjoyed a typically unique father-son type relationship).
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    4. The Sidebar #26: Bill Adler. Knockoff Oakleys
    Oliver Wang talks Profile Records, and Run n' them with our homeslice, the great Ill Badler, a/k/a Mr. Mouth Almighty. Hopefully, ODub got Bill to finally open up a lil' somethin'. (We keeed!)
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    Discount Oakley Sunglasses 5. Roc Marciano Signs With Man Bites Dog Records For Third Solo, Marci Beaucoup .
    Hempstead, Long Island's finest provides an update on his label moves and forthcoming releases, and puts the rumors of an alleged super-group (M.A.R.S.) with Cormega, Action Bronson, and Saigon out to planetary pasture.
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