1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 3.19.14


    1. The Most Hilariously Bad Music Fan Tattoos.
    Protect ya eyes: When Stanning goes horribly wrong. By Jules Muir.
    [ Pigeons + Planes ]

    2. Wu-Tang, Atomically.
    Getting the band together for one more album isn’t as easy as it sounds when it’s the 9-man army from Shaolin. Travel from Brooklyn to New Jersey to Tennessee to Arizona to Staten Island to catch up with the Wu. By Amos Barshad.
    [ Grantland ]

    3. Big Noyd – The Unkut Interview.
    "Instead of going in there as a businessman and working things out, I go punch the guy in the face.” Mobb Deep ally on some of the hard lessons he learned in the music industry. By Robbie Ettelson.
    [ Unkut ]

    4. Iggy Pop Remembers Scott Asheton: "He Played With A Boxer's Authority.”
    In memory of Stooges drummer Rock Action (R.I.P.) By Andy Greene.
    [ Rolling Stone ]

    5. For the Right Price I’ll Make Your Shit Tighter: The Best Ghostwritten Rap Albums.
    Who you gonna call? Ghost bust-ers. By Dan Adu-Gyamfi.
    [ Passion of the Weiss ]

    6. King T: West Coast Boom Bap (Interview).
    Tila talks Techno Hop, forming Tha Alkaholiks, being signed to Aftermath and more. By Chad Kiser.
    [ Crazy Hood ]

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