1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 3.11.16


    (Photo: Rachel Crick)

    Masta Ace: Living with Multiple Sclerosis.
    Respected emcee on why he didn’t publicly speak about his diagnosis for so long and what we can expect from his new album, The Falling Season . By Masta Ace (with Matteo Urella)
    [ Medium ]

    Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock Pen an Open Letter to the Next Generation of Artists.
    “We hope that you live in a state of constant wonder.”
    [ Nest HQ ]

    Aliya S. King’s True Hip-Hop Stories: That Time I Learned The Legend Of Biggie’s Belt.
    The Source offices used to house an unlikely rap artifact. By Aliya S. King
    [ VSB ]

    How The New Music Cartel Redefined the Music Industry.
    The story of how Nah Right, 2 Dope Boyz, Miss Info.Tv, On Smash and other hip-hop blogs changed the game. By David Drake
    [ Complex ]

    The Music Critic in the Age of the Insta-Release.
    Is it the end of careful, considered music writing? By Amanda Petrusich
    [ New Yorker ]

    Do You Fools Listen To Music Or Do You Just Skim Through It?
    "Music has been reduced to these moments that last a few hours and everyone needs to be a part of it before it’s on to the next one.”
    [ 2DBz ]

    Old Beats: When Young Rappers Reject the Golden Era.
    Old heads and young’ins still can’t see eye to eye. By Andre Gee
    [ Impose Magazine ]

    25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going.
    Write-ups on the music of Kendrick Lamar, Run The Jewels, Vince Staples, and a profile on Syd Tha Kyd & The Internet. Syd piece by Jenna Wortham.
    [ New York Times ]

    Two Decades On, DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing… Remains a Crate-Digging Masterpiece.
    "Instead of impressing other DJs and record collectors, Endtroducing… instead aimed to make film composers weep." By Zilla Rocca
    [ beatport ]

    The Record Store Book Captures L.A. Vinyl Culture.
    Book by photographer Mike Spitz and journalist Rebecca Villaneda documents 50 of Southern California's most notable records stores. Photos by Mike Spitz.
    [ L.A. Weekly ]

    Rediscovered Photographs From New York's '90s Hip-Hop Scene.
    The Photography of Taku Onoda. By Elizabeth Renstrom.
    [ Vice ]

    Daedelus on Daedelus: LA’s Beat Scene Vanguard Traces His Musical Evolution.
    Talks about the time he “politely” kidnapped MF Doom. By Laurent Fintoni
    [ FACT ]

    India Arie: Why Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone Is "Tone-Deaf” Casting.
    Soul singer says the blackface controversy "is ironic in the worst possible way." By Rebecca Sun
    [ Hollywood Reporter ]

    Nightclubbing: Back2Basics.
    Questlove, King Britt, Cosmo Baker and more remember the night that birthed the neo-soul movement. By Laurent Fintoni
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    Philly's Biggest DJs Mine Their Vinyl Collections For Album Art Exhibit.
    Cosmo Baker talks blending politics and music in 'Dust + Dignity’ exhibit. By Jay Balfour
    [ Philly Voice ]

    Beatboxing, Breaking Rules, and Making Pause Tapes: How Detroit Producer 14KT’s Equipment Limitations Made Him a Great Producer.
    How making beats on a program that isn’t really made for beatmaking can be inspiring. By Gino Sorcinelli
    [ Medium ]

    Who Killed 2Pac and Biggie? A New Documentary May Have the Answer
    Documentary based on book says long time rumors are true: Sean Combs, Suge Knight ordered Tupac and Biggie killings. By Jeff Weiss
    [ L.A. Weekly ]

    Frank Zappa’s House Can Be Yours for $9 Million.
    Alex Winter, who has access to Zappa family vault, starts large-scale Kickstarter campaign to fund documentary on musician. By Ben Sisario
    [ New York Times ]

    The Ten Best Punk Documentaries.
    On Youtube, at least. By Tony Rettman
    [ Green Room Radio ]

    The Premature Death of the Video Store (And Why It’s Worth Saving).
    How some rental spots are still hangin’ on in the digital age. By Jason Bailey
    [ Flavorwire ]

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    • bboycult

      Str8 ^&v .....There are 3 really important music culture articles grouped in this OPP ( NYrker, 2Dbz, Impose ) ... And two of the articles will not be recognized as relevant to the discourse we need to have ....Just like Egotripland won't be recognized for its scholarship in archiving these articles together....Just like my sociological analysis won't be given credence because it's a lowly C-Section comment ....and this is the state of Old Guard v. New Guard in every single thing in life.
      I side w/the kids ....Fuck Yo Couch! I comment on Egotripland; therefore I am. Now I'd like a meeting w/Noam Chomsky pls.