1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts, 3.1.13


    1. Q&A with John Holmstrom, Founding Editor of Punk Magazine.
    A look back at the raw '70s music publication started by Holmstrom, Ged Dunn Jr. and Eddie "Legs" McNeil.
    [ E.V. Grieve ]

    2. It's Time You Learned About Ill Bill and El-P's Brooklyn.
    "I’m not going to say I miss drugs and crime because the drugs and crime are still there, but now it’s like everywhere else, they’re hiding it so the tourists won’t get scared. They made it cleaner and safer, like Vegas. It was more honest back then and as New Yorkers we took pride in that griminess." As told to Drew Millard.
    [ Noisey ]

    3. Whose Vault Is It? Amoeba Music & The Ethics Of Reissuing Records.
    Digitizing rare vinyl for download seems like a brilliant idea on the surface. But some indie record labels have some concerns. By Laurie Tuffrey.
    [ The Quietus ]

    4. The 12 BLAP Commandments: For Hip-Hop Producers.
    !LLMIND administers advice to those beat makers trying to make it in the business. Find out why it's important to be self sufficient and knowing your worth.
    [ !llmind Biz ]

    5. Get On Down Co-Founder Matt Welch On Physical Music and Rap Re-issues.
    How the label that released GZA’s Liquid Swords box-set (with a chess set), the re-issued Purple Tape , and the new version of GFK’s Ironman (with puzzle) is carving a niche.
    [ Forbes ]

    6. Black Rob: The Unkut Mini Interview.
    Banco Popular talks meeting Tragedy in jail, unreleased Bad Boy material, and Life Story 2 . By Robbie Ettelson.
    [ Unkut ]

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