1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 2.3.12

    1. Was Ice Cube’s “Good Day” Actually November 30, 1988? An Alternate Theory.
    Hey, remember how some clever dude on tumblr analyzed all the lyrics and calculated the actual date of Ice Cube’s “Good Day” as January 20th, 1992?  Well, Ta-dow! Get ready to pour out a little liquor for that, homie, ’cause now it seems like there’s a rival theory in tha hood that’s ready to bust ‘n’ rush ‘n’ ill ‘n’ peel a cap on those buster-ass calculations. Don’t mark those calendars yet, fool!
    [ Gawker ]

    2. Breaking Bad RPG.
    Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cook up crystal meth, battle Mexican drug cartels and face off against Gus in 16-bit video game version of the AMC series. Who knew the secret to “Heisenberg’s” power is his hat?
    [ CollegeHumor ]

    3. Rapper Ja Rule Calls Prison “Amazing.”
    Apparently, incarceration  rules for the diminutive, husky-voiced MC. Remarking on fellow prisoners politician Alan Hevesi and former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski: “Outside, you don’t meet guys like this every day. This place is amazing.” Hmmmm. Okaaaay. If you ask us, sounds like the guy is still getting healthy doses of MDMA, even in the pen, dontcha think?
    [ The Root ]

    4. Rapper May Sue Romney Over Use of Song
    Step back, Romney. The GREATEST SOMALI EMCEE OF ALL TIME, (a/k/a K’Naan) IS K’NOT FEELING YOU, DAWG. You smell me, Mittens?!?! K’no k’no k’no! He’s k’not havin’ k’none of that son! Boom!!! Take your 15% capital gains and shove it up your 85% rectum, you stiff-necked bastard. K’naan has spoken, bitch. You must feel like shit, Mittens.
    [ New York Times ]

    5. It’s a Buyer’s Market: Crate Digging on $100 a Day.
    Now Again Records’ Eothen “Egon” Alapatt hits NYC’s downtown record shop circuit with the assignment of catching some heat for the paltry sum of a hundred smackers. That might sound like a lot of dough to you non-rare record buying know-nuthins, but real diggas know real figures when it comes to this vinyl collecting ish, knawmean? (E, wound up doing pretty darn splendidly for himself, BTW.)
    [ NPR ]

    6. Drake on Whether He Will Respond to Common and His Shots at Vanessa Bryant.
    In a Nahright exclusive, Drake declares his battle of words with Common over – dismissing the whole thing as, “a ploy for attention around the release of an album.” Yo, on the reals… Aubrey is right, yo. But, man, that was anticlimactic – in a sadly predictable sort of way. Maybe those Seinfeld , Sopranos and Lost series finales weren’t so shitty after all.
    [ Nahright ]

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