1. (O)ther (P)eople's (P)osts 2.28.14


    1. Stones Throw Records – 18 Years x 18 Picks from (some of) the Finest Music Heads.
    To celebrate Stones Throw's 18th anniversary, 18 ST connoisseurs - from Onra to Mochilla - choose their favorites from the label's back catalog. By Lexis.
    [ Music Is My Sanctuary ]

    2. Interview: Breeze Brewin on Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves .
    "It was fun, besides running up and down the streets in Dumbo in my drawers!" Breeze recalls working on Paul's audio movie. By Julian Brimmers.
    [ Red Bull Music Academy ]

    3. Souls of Mischief Proud of Legacy But Look Ahead to There Is Only Now .
    Tajai speaks about new album with Adrian Younge. By Jake Paine.
    [ Arena ]

    4. The Most WTF Moments in Battle Rap History.
    "These moments include a man urinating on himself after asking his opponent to be his boyfriend, a man acknowledging that his “penis is kinda small,” and a woman offering her opponent Monistat and Vagisil."
    [ Pigeons & Planes ]

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