1. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 2.17.12

    1. Vocabularies Revitalized: Ellen Gallagher and Rammellzee in Printin’ .
    An overview of the Museum of Modern Art’s Printin’ exhibition, which features the late, great Rammellzee’s signature creations, his “letter racers.” We once visited Rammell’s studio across the street from the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, where he personally broke down (over a beer, of course) his renowned philosophy of graf writers being subversives challenging the restrictive standardization of the alphabet. Thus, his “letter racers” – model car sculptures/figurines/warriors of the wildest style imaginable. A full exhibition of these babies is coming in March to the Suzanne Geiss Company in Soho, but for those who can’t wait check ’em out at MOMA not now but right now.
    [ MOMA ]

    2. XXL Still a Magazine, Still Censoring People.
    Bol’s truly epic, openly not objective assessment of the Too $hort- XXL controversy: “You can see why people are so upset. Some 13 year-old boy who’s actually heard of Too Short might have seen that video and thought he really meant that you should get a girl up against a wall, spit on your finger, shove your hands down her pants and tickle her clit. Which would be tragic, because touching a girl’s vagine at such a young age could ruin a man’s life, before he’s even had a chance to try drugs, or shout ‘World Star!’ in the video of a melee at a Waffle House.”
    [ Byron Crawford ]

    3. Is Jim Dolan the World’s BIGGEST Asshole?
    “If James L. Dolan isn’t the BIGGEST asshole in the world, he’s surely in the top three along with perennial asshole all-stars such as Donald Trump and Rick Santorum,” writes Norman “Willy” Froman. We also know this: Dolan, the head of Cablevision and owner of the NY Knickerbockers (and Rangers) is at least half responsible for the vast majority of New Yorkers not being able to watch the surging, Jeremy Lin-led Knicks play on local TV thanks to a negotiating stalemate between MSG and Time Warner Cable. But let’s just assign all the blame to Dolan, who’s been a doofus since way before any of this happened anyway. UPDATE: stalemate settled, Dolan still a doofus, though.
    [ Really Funny Emails ]

    4. Interview: Chantal Regnault on Voguing in New York.
    Here’s a bit of history for you young’uns: Remember that first song the older White lady with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. sang during the Super Bowl halftime show a few weeks ago? The one about “voguing”? That was based on some real shit that used to happen back when there were actual thriving sub-cultures in New York City. Photographer Regnault – author of Voguing and the Ballroom Scene of New York 1989-1992 – recalls a scene in which the only ninjas claiming Paris were drag queens. More proof that today’s rap is gay-er than ever. Hooray, tolerance!
    [ The Fader ]

    5. Roscoe’s on a Six-Figure Hook for Copyright Case.
    Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles owner refuses to purchase a license to perform music at the restaurant’s adjoining jazz lounge in Long Beach. ASCAP sends investigator, who hears copyright-ed material being played and copyright owners sue. Total damage: $200,000. And you thought the “Herb’s Special” half chicken plate was pricey…
    [ Court House News ]

    6. Linsanity: There Goes the Neighborhood.
    Rembert Browne adds additional cultural perspective to the biggest story in sports. Specifically, the perspective of an African-American who “grew up playing tennis in the heart of black Atlanta,” and witnessed Venus and Serena’s conquest of that other court. (Oh, and BTW, Mayweather, you still talkin’ that crazy talk.)
    [ Grantland ]

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